When does the BUZZ run?

11 am to 1 am, Thursday thru Saturday, and 11 am to 6 pm on Sunday—every 15 minutes. We also occasionally run special hours—for example, New Year’s Eve and some Monday holidays. Check our Facebook page to find out when we're running special hours!

Where does the BUZZ serve?

The BUZZ serves the City of Palm Springs. Basically, it runs down Palm Canyon to Smoketree, and up Indian and Palm Canyons to Via Escuela (That’s the simple description—there are some small detours off the main streets.) Check the route map: http://buzzps.com/route.html   

Does the BUZZ serve other Desert cities?

Nope—it’s exclusively a Palm Springs thing. Sorry! :)

Why doesn’t the BUZZ go further east? Or further north?

We aim to hit each stop every 15 minutes. Our five vehicles can’t achieve this goal with a route that’s any longer than the current 10.5 miles. But the BUZZ route is not set in stone—the route may change or extend depending on popular demand and the overall success of the program.

Does the BUZZ run during Thursday VillageFest?

Yes—but from 4:30 to 11 pm, southbound trolleys detour off Palm Canyon at Alejo, going down Belardo until Baristo, where they get back on Palm Canyon. Check the route map: http://buzzps.com//route.html  (The alternate Thursday route and special stops are marked in green.)

Does the BUZZ run on special holidays?

The BUZZ runs on some special holidays—for example, New Year’s Eve and some Monday holidays. Check our Facebook page to find out when we're running special hours!

Is the BUZZ just a seasonal thing? How long will the City offer it?

The BUZZ is not seasonal—it’s year-round!

The BUZZ is just for tourists, right?

Nope! It’s for residents and tourists alike—as well as the many folks who live here part time. While the BUZZ definitely adds magic to a weekend stay, our longtime residents are passionate BUZZ riders!

Is the BUZZ wheelchair-accessible?

Yes—absolutely! The brand-new vehicles were designed to be welcoming to physically-challenged riders.

Is the BUZZ air-conditioned?

Um, totally. This is the Southern Californian Desert!

Can I bring my pet onboard?

Our top priority is to give all BUZZ passengers a comfortable, clean, safe riding experience. Given this, you may bring your dog as long as the pooch 1) is well-trained and 2) won’t freak out if another dog comes aboard. Respecting these guidelines will enable the BUZZ to continue welcoming pets.

How are the BUZZ trolleys fueled?

They use compressed natural gas (CNG), a much cleaner-burning—and more environmentally-friendly—fuel than diesel and other options. By getting people out of their cars and onto the BUZZ, we’re hoping this program will actually reduce the City’s net carbon footprint.

I’ve seen BUZZ riders with white, plastic cards. Do I need that to ride?

No—that’s just the Perk Card. You don’t need it to ride—but you should get one if you want cool discounts and free stuff at local businesses.

What’s the BUZZ Perk Program?

Get a Perk Card and enjoy all kinds of cool benefits—rewards for riding! There are two levels of rewards:

  • SHOW IT to enjoy Easy Perks! Showing the card at local businesses entitles you to cool discounts and free stuff.
  • SWIPE IT to win Gold Perks—the big prizes! Swipe the card each time you board—you'll hear a beep. The more you swipe, the more points you earn. Gold Perks are awarded monthly. If you win, we’ll tell you by eMail.

What are the latest Perks?

We’re adding new Perks all the time! Stay up on the latest here: http://buzzps.com//perks.html. Or use this interactive map to find the closest Easy Perks as you ride: http://goo.gl/l3rq5R

I’ve seen paper Perk Cards and plastic Perk Cards. What’s the difference?

  • The paper Perk Card is disposable—perfect for the weekend visitor who doesn’t feel like registering. Showing the paper Perk Card around town entitles you to all Easy Perks.
  • The plastic Perk Card is the real deal. You register to get this, and you swipe it every time you ride the BUZZ to earn points toward the big prizes—the Gold Perks. (Of course this card entitles you to all the Easy Perks, too.)


How do I get a Perk Card?

Registration is easy! All we need is your name and eMail address. Just go to one of the designated places to get your Perk Card: http://buzzps.com//perks.html   

What if I lose my Perk Card?

No biggie. Just eMail us and we’ll arrange to get you a new one—and we’ll transfer the points from your old card to the new one.

I lost something on the BUZZ! What do I do?

Drivers bring recovered items to our Lost & Found, which you can call at 760.218.1256. (Note: This number is only for lost items—the dispatcher cannot help you with any other matters.)

Who’s paying for the BUZZ?

The BUZZ is paid for with a combination of Measure J and City funds. We’re working with community businesses to enlist their help in funding this great community service.

Can I request a new stop—or make other suggestions?

Yes—we welcome it. We’re always open to new ideas, and community feedback tells us what’s working and what isn’t. So, yes, please let us know your ideas for making the BUZZ better. This is a grassroots community effort! Catch the BUZZ on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/buzzps) or eMail us: psbuzz@palmsprings-ca.gov

Where can I find out more?

Check out our Website (buzzps.com) and of course join our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/buzzps.